The following pages are filled with information that merchants should read about and understand whilst preparing to establish an online merchant facility with a Payments Gateway. This information has been compiled for merchants based on the fact that these are the most common FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) by merchants.

  • Payments Gateway OR Processor? – What’s the right option for your online business? What’s more cost effective? What’s the better option in the long run?
  • Risk Assessment – Does your Bank consider your business as a high risk industry? Will you be required to put up security due to your payments model?
  • PCI DSS Compliance – What is it? What are your obligations? Does a Payments Gateway or Processor make you PCI DSS Compliant?
  • Bank Fees & Payments Gateway Fees – What exactly are they? How do they work? What happens behind the scenes?
  • Authorization & Capture – What happens behind the scenes of a credit card transaction?